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We have lot of color matching between Gel, polish and powder.

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Extra Massage

Additional massage with Hot stone and Therapy Oil

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Scan to see our Price Menu

⛱️ We locating at 203 South Kamehameha Highway, Wahiawa HI 96786 since 2012.
🏎️ Parking in front, street parking and free Municipal parking lot ( Across the street, next to Goodies Market)

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We offer various kind of services related to Nail Spa

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+1 (808) 622 - 6150

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We offer various plans to meet your needs. Choose your plan to get started right away.

All Plans & Combo

Basic Pedicure & Manicure

Basic combo Pedicure & Manicure with regular polish.

Kid Pedicure

Basic pedicure for kid under 12 years old.

Arcrylic Nail Short / Military style

Fullset with Powder Color or Gel polish on top.

Arcrylic Nail Ombre Style

Fullset ombre using powder and clear gel on top.

Client's Testimonials

What they say about BEE?

  • Good Services!

    As soon as the quarantine has started to lift slowly, I immediately made an appointment for a pedicure at 9am on June 6, anticipating a crowd considering the closures. I’m new to the area so I wanted to find a place close by. I searched up some salons and this one pops up. Though there are some reviews that are not recommended, I decided to give this place a try since there are a lot of positive reviews.

    Believe it or not, i just finished my pedicure and I’m so happy with the results. There is limited parking so make sure you make an appointment early (it’s highly recommended to make an appointment due to limited customers per hour). Right in front of the salon, they have this set up where you sign in, and you fill out the COVID-19 screening form. Once that’s done, they take your temperature with a no touch thermometer. Then they have you wash your hands. After that, if you want regular polish, they have you go to the wall and pick out your color. If you want gel polish, be sure you pick your color before you wash your hands and sit down. There’s a sign on the door by the check in area showing the number and color which you must pick right then and there.

    I sat down and look around. For manicures, each booth has the plexiglass in between the customer’s seat and the booth. For pedicures, there’s plexiglass in between every other seat but only allows one person in each section, two if you’re with a friend/family member. They know how to space out each person so it is suggested you come by yourself to comply with the social distancing rules.

    My technician did an excellent job and I was very happy with the outcome. I did plain white toes since majority of the time i wear closed toed shoes. The massage and the scrub was the best part which I missed so much. I’ll be coming back as a regular!

  • Awesome!!!!

    • My nails are always BEE-utiful when I get them done here.

      They have vast selection of gel colors, which is what I always end up getting – gel nails and toes.

      The staff is very friendly.
      I brought my daughter with me once and they were very accommodating and even gave us her gel polish upgrade for free because it was her birthday. I thought that was sweet.

      They have a program where you get a stamp each time you visit and you can earn a free gel polish upgrade.

  • You’re protected and protect others

    Owner Lina and her crew have worked hard to ensure that their customers are protected.  Masks required by everyone. Sign in, complete a Covid questionnaire, get temperature check, wash hands w soap n water. There’s plexiglass between each pedicure spa chair and between you and the technician. 3. When getting a manicure you are separated from the next customer by more plexiglass. There’s also plexiglass separation between you and the technician. The only thing that passes through is your hands. The separation plexiglass between the chairs is movable so it’s easy to get in and out of each chair. Everyone works at safety at work and the customers completely follow instructions. It’s small businesses like this that suffer in a closed economy.

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203 S Kamehameha Hwy, Wahiawa HI 96786


Monday - Saturday : 9AM - 7PM
Sunday : 10AM - 5PM

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